Saturday, July 24, 2010

Stage 2 of Mingus Mill

I am so excited about the accomplishments today on this painting. It is actually starting to look like something. Today I added the shadows which was very, very scary, but when I stood back I could see it worked. Also fixed the main building and other stuff. I am loving this painting. Also worked on my lighthouse and hydrangas, but think i will wait to post those until they are complete. If you want to see all three, they are in my album on my facebook page.

Second Paint Lesson

I am so excited. I am taking painting lessons from artist Audrey Menefee. She teaches the old masters method of oil painting. Last week was my first lesson. I am painting the Mingus Mill in Gatlinburg, TN. John and I visited there this past April as part of our anniversary trip. Learning this technique through Audrey is giving me a new perspective at painting. I want to post this in stages so here is what I painted from my first session with Audrey.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Mini Lantana

She loves me, she loves me not....That's kinda how I feel about this painting. It is on a mini 4" canvas and is a image of lantanas. I love Lantanas, even if they ARE considered weeds. Just thought I would try to paint them on a mini canvas.

I also want to paint a mountain orchid this week. When John and I were on vacation this year we actually saw one of these mini wonders. It was so cool. We were in the mountains when one actually bloomed. We were so excited. So am going to attempt to paint the picture that we took. If it turns out, it will be really unique.

New Rendering

Did this painting yesterday. It is a rendering of a photo that a friend of mine sent me. Apparently this lake is somewhere in the Chicago area. It is actually a recreation area. I could have added a lot more, like there was a totem pole by the shore, paddle boats and a raft in the middle of the lake, but I liked the serenity of the way I did it with the accent of the pier and boat. I DO need to bring the blue of the lake out more, but am waiting for the painting to settle a bit before I mess any more with it.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Mini Paintings

Haven't painted much lately, but I picked up a bunch of 4" canvas blocks and got a wild idea. I painted two of them this weekend. I have a bunch more to go so will be working on them. Want to try to do some mini landscapes and stuff so be watcing. :-)