Sunday, August 5, 2007

Perpetual Calendar

Ok so this was fun, although I need to re-do the blocks I think. This was a project from the Poly Clay Club and it is not finished yet. I still have to make the stand that these pieces to on. There was a bit of distortion in the baking of the blocks so am not sure they will fit right on the stand. We will see. But I had a ball with this project. I used some skulpey clay that I had left on the shelf and although that is not my favorite clay (it is too soft for me) It worked out ok with this project.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Necklace and Cane

Ok, so this should show how much of a newbie I am. LOLOL I belong to this wonderful clay club called Poly Clay Play ( The thing I love about this club is that being new to claying, I can learn something new each month. Trish is so awesome and her projects are just what someone like me needs. This month she taught us how to do a flower cane. Below is three states of reduction on the cane. Or is it above? LOLOL

Then she taught us how to do a swirl bead. WOW! How long have I wanted to know how to do that? Can we say forever? LOLOL so one project was creating a necklace with the swirl bead. Another project was covering a Bic Stick Pen. Unfortunately I didn't have one so opted to cover one of my clay tools. What fun was that? Dang I love claying. Have some more projects to do, but there is what I did in the last two days. Need to go a bit slower, but what the heck is a newbie for? LOLOL