Monday, December 27, 2010

Been A Little Dormant

But that's because I am working on some more paintings. Working on another Mill painting and also a Tuscan walkway from a picture that my sister took in Spain. Hoping to be able to post them soon.

I also just completed my stint on Atlanta's Biggest Loser where I won the competition. I lost 34.5 lbs and 12.7% of my body weight. Getting ready to start another one (OH NO!!) Called Gwinnett Loses. I need the competition to keep me in check. The Christmas holiday was horrible to me and I gained some back. Not a lot , but enough to know that I have to be totally careful. Here is my final before and after picture in case you want to see. :-) The competition was a rough 12 weeks, but I learned a lot.

Now to learn even more and hopefully lose an additional 30 lbs in the process. I won a beautiful ring with the ABL competition. This new one is CASH. YIPPEE. Anyway, I will be back to post more pictures and paintings. :-)