Friday, June 13, 2008

Tut Experiment

Ok, so this looks wierd I know, but I rather like it. The more I look at it, I kinda get this growing on you feeling. This was actually from a tutorial I purchased from a gal by the name of Eugenia. Of course hers looks much better, but I had to try it and from it I have got those crazy little cogs running around in my head. Mainly because the canes I made for this is numerous since I didn't exactly follow directions and have to use them somewhere, right?

Anyway, I actually think it is a bit unique for a pendant. Now to figure out how to finish the necklace part. Hmmm, since I have so much of the orchid cane, I think I will create some earrings to go along with it. That would set it off, wouldn't it? I have some other thoughts too when I try to reproduce this. At least my hubby liked it and didn't say it looked like a "turd fungus" which were his exact words when I attempted a bonsai tree (LMAO)

Sooner or later I will come of my own with everything I am learning from everyone else. There has to be an artist in there somewhere. I just love working with polymer clay and I don't think I will ever stop trying to find my own personal niche. Who knows, maybe I will be a Donna Kato someday, or a Maggie Maggio. Don't laugh; anythings possible (wink)

Where Has the Time Gone

WOW! It has been a long time since I added anything here. Well, it is understandable considering all that has been going on in my life. The biggest event is that my 77 year old Mom is moving in with hubby and I. Dang it, she needs to retire. She has been working the past 13 years as a property manager. It is time for her to enjoy life. So she is moving in with us.

Since we decided to give her the bigger of the two extra rooms we have, we had to make some major moves, mainly our office/studio into the smaller of the guest rooms. It's ok, all is good as I love what I have now.

Everything is nice and neat and DH had such a great idea. I was going to give away the entertainment center and he said,"Why don't you use it to store your craft supplies?" Well, gee, leave it to the man of the house to come up with a super solution. I thought I was going to have to move my crafting into the kitchen. LOLOL Behind the craft area that is in this picture is our two computers. Makes everything great and in one neat area. Now I can get back to doing some long overdue crafting. But WAIT, can't do that yet...Mom's moving day is in two weeks. THEN I can get back to playing (wink)