Saturday, May 7, 2011

Emily Elizabeth

Ok, now here is my pride and joy. My first granddaughter Emily. This portrait was a work of pure love. I was going to give it to her on her birthday this year, but her proud Paw Paw said,"no, she can't have it, at least not yet." So I guess she will get it in a few years. Perhaps on her 16th birthday or graduation. Will have to see how soon Paw Paw will let it go. LOL

I truly enjoyed this painting. Next is my Grandson Payton and his sister Ellayna. I think I am loving portrait painting.

Newest Mill

I haven't posted my paintings in a while. This was my latest mill painting. This was a blast to do. Had so much color and fun things. I loved doing this one.
This mill was one that John and I saw on one of our many adventures.