Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Already dropped out of WritersBureau

Massive decision. I decided that it was not a good idea to go to a school in the UK. It was much better for me to try to learn from an American school. So I dropped out of the Writing Bureau before my limit to cancel was up and I instead enrolled in: QC Carreer School
Better known as: WingHill Writing School This has worked out better for me and I think I will get a good head start on a novel through this school. From what I have studied so far it is going to be a bit taxing, but will help me a lot as far as finalizing a genre and getting things started. It is important to me to get my novel going so I can get it published and hopefully get some sales. I may not be a number one author, but wouldn't it be a shocker if I did become one or if someone bought the book and movie rights? I know, dream on lady. But i can dream, can't I?

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